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  The Company - Stolz GmbH

Firma Stolz GmbH
price and perfomance - for over 40 years
company agreement of 01.02.1978

Very small we have started in the 70s.
As a propagandist (market trader) Mr. Wolfgang Stolz set up in Munich Laim a little business in vegetable slicer, tinplates and fragrance collections.

Later it was moved into a detached house with several small storage rooms and an office (also in Munich Laim). The first employees were now needed. Some years later (around 1990) was held the next move, this time in the center of Munich (Goethe Street). Through many international business trips to Taiwan, China, Korea increased the number of imports. At that time our product line has consisted of more than 1000 items.

In 1997 it drew us into the countryside from Munich to Martinsried. There was the correct company premises (a large warehouse and a well euipped office). Our collection is always bigger and bigger.

Because we needed more storage room, our biggest step came in 2005. We wanted to build us the ideal company headquarters. In August of that year, we could then move to our present location (Penzing in Landsberg am Lech). And since this move, we have more and more articles can include in our program and are now proud to offer you a wide selection of articles.

We are an importer, producer, bottler, manufacturer and wholesaler of all kinds of goods and novelties. Part of the outpatient market trade, but also for retailers, pharmacies, drug stores, retail stores, TV stations, publishing companies and corporations. Our business partners and our customers are located all over the world. We are known for our ideas. Fifty percent of our customers come from neighboring countries and far away to visit us. They come to pick up goods and get to know us and our goods and personal.

Company Stolz GmbH
Company Stolz GmbH
price and perfomance - for over 40 years
company agreement of 01.02.1978

Belegschaft Company Stolz GmbH
Workforce, Employee Company Stolz GmbH

Jürgen Stolz

Sabine Schwark
Oliver Schörling
Anna Mustatiu
Katja Parthe
Knut Prüfling

Thomas Burkhart
Christian Korsch
Markus Opitz
Martin Brandt

Salesrooms - Company Stolz GmbH

Beautiful - larger - modern - centrally
  • truck route
  • 300 qm exhibition
  • Import  Export office
  • 2.000 qm pallet racking on 6,000 sqm ground
  • 500 m from the highway A 96
  • exit Landsberg/ Penzing
  • 5 Min. from Landsberg
  • 30 Min. from Augsburg
  • 30 Min. from München
  • only 1 hour from austria or switzerland
Warehouse Company Stolz GmbH
Warehouse Company Stolz GmbH

Friendly and fast service is our on price and service.

In our camps (in Penzing and Holland) are now over 3,000 items to 6,000 pallets. This items are from the fields of health, cooking and cleaning. But also on the lookout for trend articles, garden furniture and mirrors you can find it here. We get 30 new items a week.

Special requests such as product search and purchase, advertising print, Ettiketten own - no problem.

We would be happy about your visit to our house. There you will find a huge selection of items for viewing and take it with you. With a large 300sqm of exhibition space, many customer parking possibilitys and a good cappuccino, coffee or latte, we are ready for you.

If you come shopping with us and we will immediately prepaire your goods while you enjoy a coffee with us. They will also gladly help you when loading


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T: +49 (0)81 91 - 4 28 83 0
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